Top 5 Challenges Of The Video Streaming Industry

The growth of the video streaming industry is all visible in the digital era. The enormous growth of the OTT industry through the past years has been immensely contributed by the digital revolution. Although there is a huge growth possibility in the industry due to several challenges, it has become difficult to deliver online content seamlessly. Have you ever thought about why certain companies grow immensely while others do not achieve desired goals? This is due to several hurdles that the video streaming industry may face. Several hurdles are making the companies stand away from the mainstream competitive market and offer a robust experience to their viewers.

Some of the major challenges that the video streaming industry face are listed below. These will help the companies to understand the issue and act accordingly for the same.

Challenges Due To Bandwidth Limitations

Over the decades, there have been massive developments in bandwidth technology and streaming media. Higher video resolution and a larger bandwidth bring new challenges to the video streaming industry. With the arrival of net neutrality, the limitations become severe. Due to these results, there are a number of streaming companies that are facing issues in delivering quality content to viewers. With the help of compression technology or codec, it will be possible to tackle the issue and deliver the video content to the viewers.

Challenges Due To Latency Issues

A high amount of data delivery is required to provide HD content to the viewer. Due to this, there is a rising issue of latency in the delivery of the content. Latency issues intensify the video lags while watching the content online.

Choosing multi-CDN for delivering the content over the internet will help in preventing the latency in the delivery. Moreover, adopting the content delivery network can help in the seamless delivery of the content.

Search Challenges

Getting the appropriate search results may be a task due to search and meta challenges. This will bring a delay in the delivery of the right content to the viewer. However, the development in technology and especially AI has made it all possible to deliver the appropriate content to the end-users.

AI helps in getting suitable results using the metadata provided in the content. This will help in bringing the users a better recommendation and delivering the content to the end-user.

High Cost 

One of the major challenges for the video streaming industry is the increased cost of content delivery. Massive investment is required for the production of original and high-quality content. Content delivery, cloud-hosting, CDN, and content productions are the major cost contributors to increased video streaming services.

Compatibility Challenges Due To Devices

The major challenge of streaming the video is its compatibility with different devices. It is quite a task for streaming platforms to deliver the content over different devices. Transcoding will help in delivering the content to a number of screens without any lag.

Tackling these challenges will help the online video streaming platform to flourish and stand high in this cut-throat competition. It will build a strong base for the streaming organization to get the best benefit from the streaming world.

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