Must-Have Features For Online Teaching Platforms

Online teaching platforms are virtual teaching tools that leverage teachers to bring forth their educational content with the help of digital teaching-learning tools. Covid-19-related restrictions have revealed the potential of these teaching platforms and their utility to ensure continuity in the learning and education process. Now it has turned into a tool that ensures learning at the convenience of the teacher or the learner. But before starting educating people and getting your own platform, it becomes essential to identify the required features of the platform.

Traditional And Online Teaching Platforms

Hands down, education is the medium to exchange worthy information between teachers and students. All this was restricted to a specific time and place in the traditional teaching and learning environment but with the arrival of online learning platforms, it has become more easier and convenient for both the students and the teachers to learn and educate.

The penetration of the internet and mobile devices has accelerated the growth of online teaching platforms. With all this, it has become easier and more flexible to overcome the issue of time and restricted space. Now imparting education has become easily accessible to all in just a limited time.

Online teaching and learning platforms have brought a greater impact on the lives of both the students and the teachers. Teaching online requires strategies to excel in the market of education. A number of features are required to become one of the best online teaching platforms, some of which are listed below:

Mobile Responsive Platform

Mobile is in the hands of all including the student and professional learners. It is quite handy to carry and accessible most of the time. According to research, 81% of learners/students use smartphones for learning online. In this modern world where the students are growing up with technology, they are choosing mobile phones over other devices. To excel in the market of online teaching platforms, it becomes crucial to make them mobile responsive. 

Providing Reliable Security Facility

Students are always there to learn and develop their skills but that does not denote that the teaching platform can infringe on the security of the learner. There are chances that the platform will fail then and there. To make the platform last long, it becomes crucial for the teachers or the educators to provide security of their data. This will help in building a long-term trust factor between the educators and the learners. Features such as encryption, user permission management, and SSO will layer the security for the data for both the students and the teachers. 

Consistency In Delivering Content

Forming a teaching platform online might be considered a task but the major task is to get the platform in the market and sustain it for a longer time. Here comes the role of consistency in delivering the content to the learners. Giving the Content delivery network to the learners continuously will help in getting more and more crowds on your platform. This will thereafter help the platform flourish with time and make an impressive appearance in the market of learning. 

Adopting Collaboration Features

Opting for a collaborative feature will help in making a more engaging platform for the students. It will help in making a more interactive and engaging learning experience. Some of the best teaching platforms provide collaborative whiteboards, breakout rooms, and shared note-taking will help in making the platform more collaborative and thereafter make it more for the learners to grow and learn timely. 

Chat Functionality

Getting proper communication is the need for every individual, especially on the online learning platforms. Uninterrupted communication is the key to making things understandable for learners as well as educators. In that scenario, one-on-one chats, Q&A chats, and moderator chats are required to make things understandable to all.

With all these features, choosing the niche in which you are the best will be the most crucial thing. The quality of education you are spreading will decide the success and the failure of the online teaching platform.