Top 8 Regional OTT Platforms That Are Making The Change

OTT platforms have changed the world of entertainment and the best thing about these platforms is their availability at anytime and everywhere. The only necessity to access these platforms is the internet. The tech developments have made it all possible to get entertained anytime. All that one requires is a device, internet accessibility, and access to the platform that you are interested in watching. 

The best thing about the platform is a clear separation of various shows and the web series. Above all, the best thing that the OTT platform has provided is the diversity and the availability of shows of different languages. This is not only making the change at the ground level but also uplifting the grassroots culture, stories, trends, and contents to the mainstream entertainment world. In short, it is in the way of tarnishing the monopoly of major players. Earlier it has been considered that the OTT platforms are changing the business landscape of the media and entertainment sector that was basically formed by major players, but now their shift in the game. The trend of rising regional OTT is making a difference. These platforms are developing steadily, making their mark and bringing out the jewel in the modern video streaming platform. 

Major Players In The Regional OTT Platforms

Working from the scratches, regional platforms are now getting a fair share in video streaming services. These players are empowering their exceptional superpower i.e. the language and content. These are basically the stuff with which people can connect instantly. The best of these regional OTT platforms is their connectivity with their traditional culture and the ground-level content. The top 8 major players who are making the change with their content and are providing the shows for which people crave have been given focus below: 

1. Hoichoi (Bengali)

This Bengali video streaming platform has got huge popularity by the viewers from the very inception of the platform. Established in the year 2017, the platform provides content in Bengali with the availability of English subtitles. This has made it possible for anyone to watch the content without any worry of getting blues. 

This over-the-top and video-on-demand streaming service is under the ownership and maintenance of SVF entertainment private limited. The platform is packed with more than 500 movies and above 2000 hours of video streaming, isn’t it a great achievement in itself? The shows that can bring the best experience are Mohmaya Chapter 2 (series), Tangra Blues (film), Charirtraheen (series), Antim Pawrbo (series) including many others available on the platform. 

2. Sun NXT (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, And Marathi)

Sun NXT is amongst the prominent television channel and radio service providers that supply their content in six different languages making it a more acceptable and widely accessible platform for the viewer. The availability of six different languages has made it a huge differentiation factor from many other platforms available. It came into action in 2017 by the initiative of Sun Group. The platform provides more than 4000 movies in various available languages with 40+ live channels that bring a commendable amount of entertainment. The app can be accessed from Android, iOS devices, Smart TVs, and other devices.

3. Aha (Telugu)

Aha, as the name suggests, has been providing satisfaction to the viewers in the Telugu language. This video streaming service is owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited, a joint venture of Geetha Arts and My Home Group. The platforms have a number of Telugu movies and original web series. 

The platform has Telugu content including In The Name of God (series), Thank you Brother (film), Playback (film), and others that will not put you down in terms of entertainment. 

4. Planet Marathi (Marathi)

Planet Marathi is the first full-fledged Marathi OTT platform, founded by director Akshay Bardaspukar. It has been entertaining the Marathi audience since 2020. 

The platform is dedicated to bringing high-quality digital Marathi content available to a large audience available all around the world. The platform is packed with various television shows, educational content, Infotainment, films, karaoke songs, live fitness videos, yoga, and many other such platforms with around 50,000 hours of available content that will surely make the difference. Content like AB Aani CD (film), June (film), Goshta Eka Paithanichi (film), and many more are winning the hearts of all Marathi speakers. Go watch them now!

5. Olly Plus (Odia)

Launched by Sk Line Production in 2020, Olly Plus provides content in Odia under the umbrella of an app. The video streaming service provides unlimited Odia videos, albums, short films, movies, podcasts, comedy, and romantic videos without any hassle. 

The platform strives to make the authentic Odia content accessible to everyone who misses their language. The vision of the app is to make things available and accessible throughout the world. So if you are searching for Odia content, then look no further to this platform. Shows that you can watch are Nirabata (series), Suicide or Not (short film), Adhura (film), Dekha Hela Pare (film), and others available on the platform.


6. Koode (Malayalam)

With its debut in December 2020, Koode is amongst the top regional OTT platforms that provide content for Malayalam speakers. The platform is developed by House of Mojo, the team that launched India’s first OTT platform 

The platform is dedicated to a voice for all the Malayalis around the globe to experience the content that is close to their hearts. It is packed with video content like True Crime Docufiction (Series), Second Option (Movie) and many more are available on the platform to entertain the whole spectrum of viewers. 


7. CityShor.TV (Gujarati)

CityShor.TV profoundly curates Gujarati movies, web series, and short films on the OTT platform. This live video streaming platform is owned by, the platform for both originals as well as carefully curated Gujarati web series, an Ahmedabad-based lifestyle media company. 

Since its inception in October 2020, this platform has come a long way and is making Gujarati content available to native speakers. The platform has huge content available including Millennial Zindagi (film), Tikkhi Mitthi Life (series), Deval vs Dabeli (short film), The Street Food Journey of Gujarat (series), and more.

8. Mitwa TV (Bhojpuri)

Mitwa TV is India’s First Bhojpuri OTT Junction. The platform considers itself to be the voice of more than 160 million Bhojpuri-speakers all across the globe. The platform works to preserve the authenticity of the language and make it accessible to a wide spectrum of consumers. With the availability of a number of quality shows, this entertainment platform is dedicatedly making a good stand in the market of regional OTT.

Shows like Pati, Patni Aur Andhvishwas (series), Jigar (Movie), Dabang Sarkar are amongst the most viewed content on the platform.  

With this tremendous increase in the regional OTT platforms, there is nothing wrong in saying that these platforms are touching the pulse of the audience. This is not only true for the native speakers of the language but also for those who are just done with the old rotten content that the mainstream entertainment platforms are providing. It is the perfect way to channel the talent and the traditional concepts connected with the language and their culture. With these small milestones, there is an ocean of hope for regional platforms to rule the market of entertainment in the near future. All that these platforms require is just the right chance, publicity, and praise from the side of the viewers. 

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