Understanding Video-On-Demand Platforms

The entertainment sector has developed way too much more than expected and now we all are set to get entertained whenever we want. This is all due to the technological developments in streaming videos. Here the role of video-on-demand comes. VOD services give the viewers the ability to choose when, how, and where they want to watch the video content. The viewers can simply click on the link and start watching the content whenever they want. Since video-on-demand is streamed through the internet, there is no need for satellite connections that the traditional broadcaster was using to entertain the viewers. This leverages users to watch pre-recorded video content using the internet on multiple devices. There are a number of benefits of video-on-demand platforms and the core benefits of video-on-demand are: 

Watch Anytime: The VOD contents are available all the time for the viewers. The viewers can watch the content whenever they want. Unlike the traditional linear TV programs or live streaming shows, video-on-demand does not demand any set of schedules or real-time broadcasting. 

Control Over The Content: It is the best thing one can have with modern video-on-demand content. Users can choose what they want to watch against the traditional TV schedulings.

Media Controls: Video-on-demand platforms provide users the control over the video content they are watching. Viewers can play, pause, fast forward and rewind the video of their choice. This is the way to watch the video content without any hurdles.

In all, video-on-demand platforms give the audience the freedom to watch content conveniently whenever they want. There are a number of VOD content available on the online platform. The different types of content available on the VOD platforms are 

  • Online Tutorials 
  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Fitness programs
  • Product demonstrations
  • Interviews and podcasts
  • Corporate team building

Importance Of Video on demand In 2022

It was in 2021 when VOD become the preferred method for consumer engagement and interaction. All these can be assumed with the tremendous growth potential of the platform. The revenue of the VOD segment is assumed to touch around US$98,686 million by the end of the year. At the same time, the user penetration will be around 25% by this year which is going to hit 29.2% by 2026. There are several factors that are making VOD a necessity. Some of the reasons that are making VOD grow unequivocally are 

People are preferring video content over other forms of content

The present is the time of video platforms. It has been found that the websites with the video content have increased search traffic by 157%. It is all because of the human tendency to find video content more informative, interesting, and engaging. Video content is growing its audience in every part of the world. 

People preferred more control over what they watch

People are cutting their cords regularly and shifting to streaming regularly. It is because VOD platforms provide the flexibility of time and choice for the content they want to watch. It simply offers comfort to the consumer.

Content delivery is direct to the consumer (bypassing the gatekeepers)

VOD content provides services directly to the viewers. It fundamentally cuts down the cost of gatekeepers and makes the platforms more preferred than any other. Viewers can operate the platform on their own terms. It is by and large a direct-to-consumer platform.

VOD is a more money-saving platform

Cable TV requires the regular charges, some extra fees due to the demand for equipment, and some other expenses making it more costly than these online video streaming platforms. In short, VOD services are a win-win situation for entertainment. Viewers do not require expensive bundles of cable rather than video streaming platforms, all that one charge is just for the shows or plans they wanted to have. 

To conclude, it is the future of entertainment that we are going through and will experience in the coming future.

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