Video Content Management – A View from the Quality Side

Video Content Management Systems are on the rise. The power of video has reached the common masses even in remote places. Video viewing on mobile devices has especially become widely popular given the low internet rates that have enabled anywhere, anytime video consumption, whether it be video creation, sharing, streaming, viewing etc. Formal video content management systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated with rich features such as in-content search, instantaneous capture and conversion for hosting and consumption.

While all of this has given a huge facelift to the world of video content management, the question we need to continuously answer is the quality of the video – whether this be the quality of the capture, the quality of the content, the quality of the rendering or the quality of the downloads. These need to be tested for, under varied scenarios to ensure the videos are ready for global consumption. The tester herein needs to verify right from the rating of the content, to whether the rendering is smooth and seamless throughout the screen time, to ensuring there is audio video sync to check for, in video search results etc. Also, in addition to testing for an individual video as a stand-alone piece, the tester needs to search for its search-ability and relevance when available on the internet competing with the several hundreds and thousands of other videos.

This is especially important for the video to become visible to end users. SEO triggered keyword based testing and tagging are essential here. A number of analytics and video testing tools are available in the open source world today, including powerful video content management systems that make these possible given the short windows of time that testers operate within – while leveraging these, it is important to continue to balance them adequate manual quality checks to arrive at a strategy that is comprehensive in delivering robust, powerful and relevant video content to end users. is one such rich platform from QA InfoTech in making video content management a breeze for end users, helping take video content to the relevant audience in the shortest possible time.

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