Video Monetization on the Rise

Video sharing on online platforms started gaining prominence with the growth of YouTube. It continues to be a popular medium for sharing videos, but there are a number of more sophisticated platforms that help you not just share your videos but also provide you the E2E experience right from video conceptualization, story boarding, capturing, sharing, analytics comprehension, monetization, and target user connection. Several such platforms be it BrightCove, Ooyala, Kaltura offer a good set of choices in the market today.

What are some of the core monetization strategies they leverage? As in the traditional model, advertisement revenues continues to be one of the top monetization strategies. Bringing in the right advertisers relevant to the video under consideration and connecting the target user base to maximize monetization continues to be a core strategy.

While this sounds simple, this continues to be get increasingly complex at an implementation level, by the day. The growing diversity in video content, the range of global advertisers and consumers are some of the main reasons attributed to this increasing complexity. Other sources of monetization include ones such as pay per view for the content shared, customized implementations of the content for specific users etc.

Along with large players such as the ones listed above, the video publishing platform market is also adequately positioned with small yet niche players. from Perseverance IT Solutions is one such platform that we invite you to check and see for yourself the richness of what it can offer, including aspects such as monetization, despite its relatively new entrance into the market just a few months back.

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