WebRTC Video Conference


WebRTC (short for Web Real-Time Communication) is an emerging standard to communicate between browsers to provide real time communication.

Many tech experts predict that WebRTC would eventually become a breakthrough technology in world communication.

Almost any device running a web browser can make a call[Audio/Video] using WebRTC standard without setting up/ download any specific software or plugin.

Today we’ll take a look what is the main advantages and disadvantages of this emerging technology. we also put some light on different kind of solution could be possible to develop using webRTC and what we are offering.

Advantages :

1. It’s open source:

WebRTC is a open source project originally developed by google for chrome but now a days most of the modern browser supports this amazing communication standard.

Other browsers which does not build the support for WebRTC yet can enjoy webRTC by installing a extension known as webrtc4all.

2. Future of world telephony

Many tech experts predict that webRTC would be the future of classic telecommunication systems however webRTC is still in development phase. using webRTC we can build more sophisticated web based communication systems which will eventually obsolete many classic or VoIP based solutions.

3. Security:

Despite the fact the WebRTC is still in development phase and there are a lot to develop to make it refined and robust, there are certain advantages to use WebRTC over flash.

As WebRTC is build in standard browser, it become best choice as its does not affect browser security against external attacks.

4. Almost all Modern browsers support WebRTC:

As WebRTC is an open source project, many companies consider using independent solutions as being strategically profitable.

This technology is ready to be implemented web based communication solutions and help different businesses to continue growing.

Today WebRTC API is supported by most of the modern browsers and comes with a C++ library as well for Android development. Third party developers can use this to develop independent solutions.


As we know that WebRTC is open source and still under development phando, solution you build on WebRTC may need major code changes in future.

What we offer at phando:

At phando we prefer webRTC and have been working on it since 2015. we have developed many solution on it. Now phando is ready with a full fledged video conferencing solution of modern age.
here are few amazing features and solution develop by phando.

1. Video conferencing solution:
   Phando offers a webRTC based video conferencing solution with following features.

  1. Audio video call.
  2. Secure login.
  3. No login for guests. However conference can be secure with a pin code  to protect unwanted guest.
  4. Screen sharing.
  5. Conference recording: both local and server side.
  6. Option to invite/share link with auditions to see conference.
  7. Conference live streaming.
  8. Conference can be re-stream on social media.
  9. Auto transcription of conference with is searchable.
2. Virtual classroom:
  1. Secure login for Teacher and Students.
  2. Chapter-wise learning.
  3. Student can ask question using a chat option.

WebRTC is a great innovation of modern age in the field communication. It is prepared to reduce the complexity of classic communication system by 40-50 lines of JavaScript code. There are endless possibilities with WebRTC and here at phando we are working toward building multiple communication solutions.

Let’s discuss how we can help you!
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