Ways To Engage Audience On OTT Platforms

Getting your own OTT platform has its benefits but a lot goes to make it a success. Initial traffic could be a task but the greater task is to engage the audience on OTT platforms for a long time. It is all the initial days, initial shows, and extra efforts in making the experience memorable for the users. After the initial days, it has to be get upgraded with time and according to the need of the customers since the basic point of entertaining people with video is great video quality and quality content. The creator should take care that viewers can either connect at a personal level or are amazed at the thought behind the content. 

To engage any particular set of audience, there is always some extra effort that goes into making the content accepted and liked by different sets of people. The most crucial things that the OTT platforms need to take care of are listed below: 

User Experience

What do you think of the saying ‘Content is the king’? Do you believe in the same? Aren’t you aware of films, series, or shows getting positive reviews from the critics but still not making money at the box office? This is where the role of user experience lies. Content matters but remember that the user experience decorates it to make the experience and the story memorable. Although the content can lure the viewers, a great user experience will let the viewer stay in the loop for a long.

The user is the king at the time of the show. To make users stick to the platform, OTT platforms should value them. Giving them a great experience with great content can make a win-win situation for the viewer and the creator. 

Recommendation Engine

No one is going to put an extra effort unless the series, show, or film is of their favorite actor or actress or have got recommendations from friends and family circle. Making the availability of their sort of shows will make it all quick for them to go from one show to the other. Recommendation engines according to watch history or their interests can keep them stuck to the platform. Withal, providing them the ability to start from the step where they left and also give them a chance to be on your OTT platform. This will leverage them to watch their favorite show whenever they want.

Also, keep in mind the issues in regards to internet bandwidth and should provide options for lower resolution videos to the viewers. Many a time consumers blame apps and move to other OTT platforms for change and do not understand the limitations created by their own internet connection.  

Content Localization

Internet networks have given a push to globalization to the next level. It has leveraged the creators to reach out to the viewers sitting far away from the place of origin of the content. Viewers can come from different parts of the world. The service provider should monitor and figure out where most users are coming from. It will provide an opportunity to target a particular audience. Apart from that, the creator should also take into consideration the cultural sensitivity of the viewers if they are targeting an audience from different places. 

Different Subscription Options

No particular model has the ability to cover all sets of viewers. Although the Subscription Video on Demand or SVOD is the most common method opted for by OTT platforms but there are other available options as well that can take on diverse audience sets on board. 

OTT platforms should change the monetization model according to the need of the time. If the viewers are more inclined towards trading their time instead of money then Advertising Video on Demand or AVOD model is the best option to go with. 

Communication And Push Up Notifications

Communication is the way to make client-customer relationships much stronger than ever. Sending out an alert could be a way to increase the traffic regularly. It becomes important when there is some new show coming. It is crucial even when the OTT platform is making any changes in its policies. This could be in different forms, be it through email or text messages.

Apart from that, giving a personalized experience and birthday greetings can make the customers an exceptional experience. 

All these tools will engage users and will help in building a strong relationship with them. These are just a few ways to engage the audience on OTT platforms in a long run. It has to be taken care of without compromising the quality of the content.