Video Monetization is all about Relevance

In today’s digital age, content is galore. Access to content is easy and cheap – often times such abundance in content poses a lot of issues around security, performance, availability, given the voluminous and free flowing nature of data, whereby managing data becomes a huge challenge for data aggregators, publishers, governing bodies that need to regulate data etc. Of the various streams of data that is consumed extensively by end users, videos is also an important piece. Video publishing solution providers, host not just free videos but also video monetization solutions, as part of their overall offerings. Considering all these variable, really sky is the limit when it comes to data generation, publishing, monetization and consumption.

phando video monetization

So, what is it that video monetization platforms, harp on in connecting all the dots, across various entities including content creators, advertisers (who are often the main source for video monetization) and end users. Relevance is the key. Relevance across all entities, including common preferences, target markets, requirements, background demographics – these may sound to be straight forward parameters to deal with but are very challenging to implement at the core when you are dealing with volumes of data. Also data has to be curated for varied aspects including, cleansing, genuineness, formats as required by the publishing platforms amongst others.

While the core search engines, data aggregation solutions, advertising platforms also work on this core parameter of relevance, it is even more important for video monetization solutions, since such all such sub-solutions, culminate in one final solution which is video monetization – this offers a very rewarding and responsible use of the digital medium, amongst other free digital activities we may undertake and to that extent, relevance is what we all should continue to strive for, in our digital presence.

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