‘Delhi Crime’ Success to Boost OTT Platforms in India

OTT platforms are gradually gaining popularity and user base in India. Statistics reveal that an increasing number of individuals, particularly the millennials, are opting for OTT services in India

The success of ‘Delhi Crime’ is likely to give a boost to the Indian OTT platforms. Although such channels have so far gained popularity and success in the West, the pre-pandemic circumstance in India was still unfavourable for these platforms. Over the last six months or so, the country has witnessed a sharp increment in the consumption of content in video format through OTT platforms.

OTT is also set to get a boost from the ‘Delhi Crime’ success story. The web series is an India Original series streaming on Netflix. Helmed by Richie Mehta, the Indian-Canadian director, it has bagged the honour of the best drama series at the 48th International Emmy Awards. 

Although a large number of people are subscribing to OTT services in India, the success of these platforms largely relies on the quality of content presented to the users. Now, that ‘Delhi Crime’ has bagged the big award, the OTT trend is likely to grip the Indians firmly.

OTT Platforms Triggering a Digital Wave in India

In India, there is no shortage of content production due to the digital boom. Over the last five years, several new OTT platforms have come up with different types of content. Eventually, the entertainment and media industries have been taken by storm. The OTT platforms have also come up with features like downloading video content to be watched on smartphones. This availability of media content in both offline and online modes have increased the popularity of OTT services in India.

Data consumption had significantly increased in India due to the pandemic when people had to remain at home due to the lockdown. With the massive penetration of the internet in the cities as well as suburban areas, the masses have gained access to OTT platforms. Eventually, they have been watching different shows, web series and even regional content over the internet. With the success of ‘Delhi Crime’, this positive trend is likely to continue.

Will ‘Delhi Crime’ Victory Boost the Indian OTT Platforms?

The OTT space in India is expanding, with platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, PhunFlix and others catering to different tastes of the audience. However, these platforms are yet to make their way into the mainstream entertainment world. 

The popularity of OTT services in India largely depends on the quality of content available on the OTT platforms. In this context, you might recall Hotstar gaining instant popularity due to the live streaming of IPL (Indian Premier League) matches a few years back. Likewise, other platforms also strive to provide quality video content and series, that appeal to the intellectual space of the users. Eventually, the success of ‘Delhi Crime’ is sure to fetch new subscriptions to the platforms.

It must be noted that presently the OTT platforms in India are providing both film and TV content. Even on platforms like Jio TV and Airtel TV, different TV channels are available. 

The consumers enjoy the freedom to choose a wide range of content across the digital portals. Many users also request for video on demand on OTT platforms. Gradually, the OTT platforms are gaining significance as channels for streaming media. Eventually, the users would have control over the type of media content they consume. Besides, they can personalize the video content for themselves.

Delhi Crime’s recent international acclaim would further boost the already growing popularity of OTT services in India. No wonder, Netflix is all slated to see a spike in the number of subscribers in the coming months.

Content Consumption on OTT Platforms

In the past, OTT platforms were committed to serve a specific audience. They had a narrow niche even a few years back. However, presently these platforms are striving to get across to a global audience. Even certain OTT platforms in India are streaming video content specific to the regional audiences with video content  in vernacular languages. This defines the popularity of these platforms.

However, considering the massive population of India, there always remains a group of people who turns out to be skeptical in embracing OTT platforms. Most of the platforms are experimenting with different types and duration of content. Most importantly, the leading platforms like Amazon and Netflix are coming up with original content. 

As OTT services in India continue to gain popularity, the platforms are broadening their range of offerings. Music and sports are some of the most popular types of content to be streamed on these platforms. 

Success of ‘Delhi Crime’: How are the OTT Platforms in India Poised?

The feat of the Shefali Shah-starrer ‘Delhi Crime’ is definitely a landmark for the OTT industry in the country. Now, with Netflix breaking the ice, it is expected that other platforms like Hotstar and Amazon Prime are likely to come up with compelling video content. 

The subscription rate for OTT services in India is likely to skyrocket in the next few weeks/months. Besides, competition among these platforms would also mount. Each platform would try to emerge as the leader. Given that India is the fast growing OTT market in the world, competition among the top players would be raging high.

Other platforms, too, would be bracing up to integrate themselves into this race, with international as well as regional content in the offering.