Indian OTT Platforms And Its Continuous Migration To Small Town And Rural Stories

Indian OTT platforms and shows have been continuously shifting from metropolitan, and bigger cities to small towns, and rural areas. What prompted this to happen? Why did it all start to happen? There is no one particular reason but a number of reasons that prompted this all to happen. It is due to the environment which is forming in the Indian society with the arrival of several shows. 

In the past years, it has become a usual habit of consumers to opt for an online entertainment platform. It is the convenience that these platforms offer that made it boom in the entertainment segment. Every week, a number of shows and films are setting the stage on one or the other platform and the audience is accepting them with all their heart.

Arrival Of Small Town And Rural Stories On OTT Platforms

In its initial stage in India, OTT platforms were primarily seen as platforms for the urban masses and will not be able to cover the rural areas. However, several shows started making a difference and change started happening continuously with the arrival of shows based in rural areas and that too is vehemently accepted by the urban masses. This led to the huge migration of OTT stories to smaller towns and rural spaces. Shows like “Panchayat” on Amazon Prime Video, “Jamtara” on Netflix, “Aashram” on MX Player “Gullak” on SonyLiv, “Bhaukaal” on MX Player, “Paatal Lok” on Amazon Prime Video or “Sutliyan on ZEE5 have shown the different perspectives of India and have shown the base stories of India. These are the name that has been accepted from the whole of India and not only in the rural space of the country. 

What has made this change possible? The question can be answered in just one line since it has a lot that made it happen with time. Some of the major factors that made this change possible are listed below: 

Due To The Unique Perspective The Shows 

Unique and diversities in the story are the base of making any story thrive in the market of entertainment. Unique stories have the ability to gather a huge audience base without any limitations, be it in the areas of formats and duration. Indian as a nation has abundant stories that bring a diverse and authentic taste to the shows and the films. And the OTT platforms are letting all these stories make a difference in the market of entertainment in a very original and authentic way.

Critically acclaimed films like “The Disciple” or the recently arrived series “Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein” or “Mai” aims to bring stories that have a deeper meaning and are full of entertainment too. Stories of heartland India get a better resonance with the audience which are similar yet different in many ways. 

The Zeal Of Searching For Something New 

As human nature shows, there are different variants that we carry with our emotions, thought processes, and choices. Our environment also affects the choice that we and the genre of entertainment that we choose. The major focus of the OTT entertainment industry is to remember that no one size can fit all. And the audience always searches for something new and different.

The diversity of stories that every rural content provides is immense. Shows belonging to or generated from the heartland of India give more authenticity, quality, and content diversity making them flourish in the market of entertainment. Here the difference in the rural and urban area content is fading. Rather rural area-centric content is getting more acceptance and popularity the urban area-based content. 

Give A More Accurate Understanding Of The Country 

Stories from small towns and rural Indian areas encompass a huge section of the society who can relate to or have experienced in their lives. It gives an insight into the reality of the country. In short, rural-area-based content gives a more accurate insight into contemporary India. 

Indian authentic stories and content have no limitation. There is always a different story waiting to get the limelight in different areas of the country. It is all due to the diversity that the country has and presents over the screen. There is an immense need from the side of the producers and creators to support them. This will help them to flourish and rise in the arena of entertainment.