Nuances in enterprise video platforms

Content publishers have a lot of choices today, when it comes to which enterprise video platform to use – open source to sophisticated commercial solutions, the options are plenty. While the quality of rendering, delivery, and the overall experience is easily differentiable between the open source and commercial ones, the question sometimes is the choice amongst the paid ones – here as well the choice parameters may be many, including overall pricing, packaging, monetization, flexibility, support, engagement models, support across languages, overall experience etc. While these are taken into consideration there are other smaller nuances/features to also be considered – some that have a profound impact in content reach and accessibility in the market place. One such nuance is the “captioning” for video content in video platforms.

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Our test arm presales team was recently sitting at a prospect meeting talking about accessibility for their digital assets, one of which was video content. The prospect was using a leading enterprise video platform solution, which had a built–in captioning feature, and to their pleasant surprise even without their knowledge all of their video digital content had captions, which is a core requirement of any accessibility compliance, be it Sec 508, WCAG 2.0 AA, ADA etc.

It is important to herein note that it is not just about content/digital assets being compliant with requirements such as accessibility, but the empowerment that the OTT service provider with such in-built nuances, including how synchronized the captions and the video content are. Phando totally values the need for such attention to detail and we too have our machine recognized as well as human powered translation to accommodate the language, subject and accent variances in the content we host. More about this latest feature of ours will soon be available on our Phando features section. Stay tuned and in the meantime, if you would like to see any more such nuances
built-in, please do reach out to us.

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