What differentiates a video marketing service provider

It is a no brainer today that digital video has a huge market share and end user appeal. Whether it is for advertising, marketing, tutoring a topic, enterprise conferencing, personal end user chatting, video as a content delivery medium is powerful beyond words. The numbers and rate at which it has been growing are mind boggling. This post by Forbes, talks about how the video marketing industry has evolved today and where the numbers stand – they are phenomenal indeed.

While this growth is undeniably huge and the potential still exists to grow into newer markets and segments, there is a collective responsibility we all share in shaping the video and especially the video marketing industry and this is where the video marketing service providers have a big role to play.

video marketing services

It is quite obvious that the success or failure of a video / video marketing effort largely depends on the video content – while the platform and its features are important for the overall delivery, user experience and content rendering, a rich platform can only do so much. A large piece of user connect comes in from the content that is being delivered.

This is where the video marketing service provider brings in both the technology piece and the artistic piece of envisioning the purpose of the content and fabricating an appealing story together – such a story should be purposeful, convey the core message, be innovative and creative in building user stickiness. It is important for the service provider to understand from the content-seeker what parameters they need to work on to appeal to the end users – such parameters may include humor, compassion, empathy, nostalgia, intuitiveness, simplicity, richness etc. It really depends on what the content seeker wants and can vary from product to product and scenario to scenario.

A professional video marketing service provider is one, who not only ties these two pieces together but also takes on the social responsibility in ensuring checks and balances in curating the content that is being created and published. For example, in publically available video and video marketing platforms, most often you will see an arbitration team that takes on the responsibility in moderating video content that is being published. A nerve-wrecking example in recent times is the app Blue Whale that posed 50 challenges to the player, the last of which is to end one’s life – this is where the importance of content curation, especially video content curation becomes very important and as a responsible video publishing platform ourselves at Phando, and the larger organization that focuses on software and content QA, we truly believe a video marketing service provider that differentiates oneself provides that right technology as well as responsible content.

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