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Robo test is Test tool that is integrated from the Firebase test lab. It analyzes the structure of our app’s UI and explores it methodically and automatically simulating user activities. Not like UI/Application Monkey test, the Robo test always simulates same user activity in same order when we use it to test app on specific device and configuration with same settings. It lets us use Robo test to initiate bug fixes and test regressions in the way that is not possible when we test with the UI/Application Monkey test.

Introduction Video is all over the marketing world. It’s proven an effective content, especially now when the average person spends 88% or more time on websites of videos and one-third of all online activities center on viewing video. People like video, and it’s blonde to assume they will invest more time engaging with video in the future. Researchers understand how the people are more concerned to video in comparison to text as there is some connection they made with the visuals they used to see. So they just wanted to deliver some outstanding experiences.

There are a lot of domains that are and will be booming in 2019 and beyond including AI, DevOps and Machine Learning but we have decided to enlighten you all on how to test video streaming. The decision to zero-in on this topic was not hard enough because we all have seen an evident slide of people switching to video platforms from traditional televisions.